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Testimonial from a previous resident of the rehabilitation programme;

I'm a 32 year old female alcoholic and I entered the kalgoorlie rehab 19 months ago to help sober myself up and to give myself a better chance at life.

The 3 month program in rehab saved my life I truly believe that I would still be out on the streets drinking if I had not taken the hand of help or in a mental institute because of my severe depression and constant mind chatter that was driving me insane.

The only way out of my pain was through alcohol and drugs.

It wasn't easy to admit I had a problem with alcohol and drugs, but I knew if I didn't get help and fast I was going to die from this obsession for my next hit or drink. Sure I was suicidal but I didn't want to die, I just wanted my brain to shut up and stop telling me how bad and worthless I was at eveything in life.

At first, I didn't want to be part of a group that judged me in rehab because I did that enough to myself. But I soon found out that there were friends to be made and life knowlege to learn because I couldn't even get out of bed each day to shower or feed myself unless it was for a drink or drug.

The professionals helped me eveyday to learn who I was again and to be brave enough to share how I felt without fear.

My alcoholic disease isolated me and took away the people I loved and respect for myself, I had lost my soul.

Before rehab, I started drinking harder to cover emotions and bad memories, even self cutting to punish myself started. I had hit rock bottom and no way out! After I was amitted to hospital for 2 weeks in the psycho ward, I was self admitted into kalgoorlie rehab where I found out that I wasn't crazy at all, I had a disease of alcohol and addiction and there was a program to help keep me sane and to learn to live again.

I realized that I wasn't living, I was only existing in a world that had forgotten about me because I had pushed it all away for the alcohol and drugs.

Today I'm happy and I'm over 1.5years (19 months) sober! Its crazy to think that I couldn't last more than 3 days without a big bender of alcohol and drugs.

I had to surrender what I knew about life and learn all over again because the way I was doing it was killing me slowly more and more each day.

Thankyou kalgoorlie rehab for showing me the path to recovery:)