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Workplace Giving

You can make a difference!

Why Workplace Giving?

Addiction affects the whole community, from people stealing to support their habit to families being ripped apart because their mother, brother, father, sister’s life is out of control. It may just be the fact that our taxes pay for the medical cost and the jail time and the unemployment of an addict.

The good news is there are people out there that can help those in addiction. The bad news is there is not enough money to fund all that needs to be done. The hospital doesn’t have enough beds for detox, there is nowhere locally to give young people the full support they need to battle their addiction, there is one local rehabilitation service and they can only fit 10 people. Emergency relief services are stretched trying to help families affected by addiction.

The good news is there is a way you can help.

What is Work Place Giving?

The Goldfields Rehabilitation Services Inc. Workplace Giving Programme is a simple and effective way for employees to regularly donate to a charitable organisation through automated payroll deductions. It allows employees the opportunity to make regular, planned donations through their pay and provides ‘time-poor’ employees with a way to support their community.

How does it work?

Pre-tax donation

The Workplace Giving Program is a voluntary program. It allows employees to donate to one or more programs direct from their pre-tax pay.

As donations are processed through the payroll system, employees will receive an immediate tax deduction (donations of $2 or more are tax deductible), saving the hassle of keeping receipts for personal tax return. At the end of the financial year an outline of donations will be included in an employee’s PAYG payment summary.

100% of every dollar donated by an employee goes directly to charity. Administrative costs for issuing receipts are eliminated and the charity’s fundraising expenses are minimised allowing them to get on with the important job of helping people get their lives back on track.

What impact can I have?

The following table shows what a $2, $5, or $10 donation will cost you based on your gross income. The figures below will vary due to tax office rounding’s

Gross Salary* Marginal Tax Rate What a pre-tax donation will actually cost you
  % $2 $5 $10
$37001 - $80000 30 $1.40 $3.50 $7
$80001 - $180000 37 $1.26 $3.15 $6.30
$180001 + 45 $1.10 $2.75 $5.50

*Effective 1 July 2011, noting that tax rates are subject to change.


If you give $5 and you earn between $37,001 and $80,000 (gross income) your donation will only cost you $3.50. Remember the charity receives the full $5.

I would like to participate - what do I need to do?

It’s so easy

  • Step 1: Determine the amount you will donate each pay period.
  • Step 2: Complete the Workplace Giving Pledge Form and return to the Payroll Manager

Payroll will then process your donation each pay period and send it to Goldfields Rehabilitation Services Inc. at the end of each month - you won’t need to do anything else.

You can change or cancel your donation at any time by simply resubmitting the pledge form.

Your donation can help people get their lives back on track - so why not complete a pledge form today.

Benefits for employees

By participating in Workplace Giving, employees will:

  • Receive an immediate tax benefit from their pay.
  • Receive a tax deduction without the need to keep receipts for tax purposes.
  • Spread donations over the year, rather than making a larger one-off donation.
  • Participate in a simple and flexible program.
  • Make an important contribution to the community.
  • Support a culture of generosity.

What happens at tax time?

In a pre-tax Workplace Giving system employees will have already received the tax benefit throughout the year for their donation.

Therefore employees only need to record the total amount on their tax return, rather than keeping receipts and claiming for that amount. It’s an easy way to give!

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